Types of Managed Service and Areas of Need for Managed Service

Types of Managed Service and Areas of Need for Managed Service

Managed IT Support Services is required for several types of companies, including factories, logistics companies, property companies, and distributors. It is hoped that these companies can adopt the latest technology that suits their needs and can support their business development more rapidly without any obstacles from operational activities.

The following are types of managed service services:

This service is a supporter of IT infrastructure, which includes strategic planning, determining what types of IT equipment to be used or upgraded or to be maintained, as well as IT infrastructure equipment maintenance services.

Hands-Off IT Support Services

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Intended for companies wherein some applications in the office it is considered less supportive of the performance of their employees. So, in this case, managed services can evaluate and replace software, create new applications, and improve existing applications.

Services to provide reports, suggestions, or opinions that are useful for the smooth running of the company’s IT operations.

Areas that require managed services include:

Company Data Center
Providing data center management services, server storage network management, managed network services, disaster mitigation, and business continuity planning due to disasters (Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity Planning Service), up to a management platform that can consolidate several service user company servers into one. systems that can be monitored and controlled easily.

Security Service
Provides protection from the initial network gateway to all IT devices.

End-User Management
Providing a wide range of services, from monitoring IT assets which include hardware and software, desktop management which provides supervision to all devices used by all employees so that there are no disturbances, creating applications to facilitate employees and for the smooth operation of the company which includes collaboration applications, internal company communications, email and so on.

With the existence of an asset management system, it is easier for corporate or government auditors to simply watch through the monitor screen. This can happen because everything in the data is connected electronically.

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